adj. & n.
1 of or relating to society or its organization.
2 concerned with the mutual relations of human beings or of classes of human beings.
3 living in organized communities; unfitted for a solitary life (man is a social animal).
4 a needing companionship; gregarious, interdependent. b cooperative; practising the division of labour.
5 existing only as a member of a compound organism.
6 a (of insects) living together in organized communities. b (of birds) nesting near each other in communities.
7 (of plants) growing thickly together and monopolizing the ground they grow on.
—n. a social gathering, esp. one organized by a club, congregation, etc.
Phrases and idioms:
social anthropology the comparative study of peoples through their culture and kinship systems. social climber derog. a person anxious to gain a higher social status. social contract (or compact) an agreement to cooperate for social benefits, e.g. by sacrificing some individual freedom for State protection. social credit the economic theory that the profits of industry should be distributed to the general public. social democracy a socialist system achieved by democratic means. social democrat a person who advocates social democracy. social order the network of human relationships in society. social realism the expression of social or political views in art. social science a the scientific study of human society and social relationships. b a branch of this (e.g. politics or economics). social scientist a student of or expert in the social sciences. social secretary a person who makes arrangements for the social activities of a person or organization. social security State assistance to those lacking in economic security and welfare, e.g. the aged and the unemployed. social service philanthropic activity. social services services provided by the State for the community, esp. education, health, and housing. social war hist. a war fought between allies. social work work of benefit to those in need of help or welfare, esp. done by specially trained personnel. social worker a person trained to do social work.
sociality n. socially adv.
Etymology: F social or L socialis allied f. socius friend

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